Repairs are at the core of what we do, and we do it better than anyone else!

Knowing that the needs of each operator can vary, we custom design innovative solutions to meet your needs.


Component Maintenance Services

Outstanding quality, the best customer service in the industry and a better understanding of your needs distinguishes Genesis Aviation from the other component MROs out there. Our capabilities include over 20,000 line items across 25 ATA chapters, for more than 40 aircraft types. With unlimited accessory ratings, we are uniquely positioned to add capabilities with the simple acquisition of technical data. We are passionate about providing value through excellence and innovation — to give you what you need, when you need it, and at the cost you need. 


Ratings include:

Unlimited Class I: Mechanical Accessories

Unlimited Class II: Electrical Accessories

Unlimited Class III: Electronic Accessories

Radio Class 1: Communication

Radio Class 2: Navigational


The Genesis Alternative

We’re unrelenting in our search for alternatives that enable you to optimize efficiency and reduce operating costs. With the highest quality assurance and production procedures in the business, we deliver flawless work and a tag with an unparalleled reputation faster, easier and for less than most of our competitors.

NDT and Machining

Enjoy the convenience of a seamless repair process and the comfort of knowing Genesis has complete control of your component from the moment it is received until the moment it is returned. Our in-house NDT, rechrome repairs and team of expert machinists to manufacture tooling eliminate the need for outside vendors and the associated costly delays in transit time.



Genesis performs many approved repairs in-house and is continually working with engineers to develop DER repairs to eliminate the cost of extremely expensive OEM replacement parts. We use only approved methods in accordance with the strictest of standards and always with the customer’s final approval. 


Serviceable Replacement Parts

Many of the aircraft components we service have parts that when procured from the OEMs would be cost prohibitive to repair.  A vast majority of these parts are quoted by the OEMs at prices that exceed overhaul replacement cost on the market for the entire component. Our solution is to provide serviceable replacement parts, with customer approval, to prevent having to return units in BER condition. We have an entire purchasing department dedicated to buying end components from aircraft teardowns  and sometimes purchase entire aircraft or landing gear for disassembly. The result to you is an affordable repair of exceptional quality and reduced lead times with full Genesis Aviation warranty.

Repair Management

Our repair management programs enable you to focus on your bottom line by handling the logistics for your repair management needs.  We act as a single point of contact, with experienced analysts closely monitoring each step of the repair process. Our dedicated team takes care of the administrative details for you, freeing you from planning, budgeting and the associated operational processes. We manage the negotiation of volume discounts, individual component repair contracts and warranty tracking and administration. We even manage the payment of multiple vendors on our customer's behalf.

We'll work with you to analyze your current inventory spares pool and operational performance of components on wing for potential items Genesis can add to its exchange pool. This process allows you to have increased availability and affordable access to key components, while allowing us to better assist with your operational needs.

With unmatched MRO expertise, Genesis is truly able to provide a complete component repair solution for your fleet with excellence and ease.


Aviation Parts Repair Management

Inventory Storage and Management

Genesis Aviation offers its customers the ability to store their inventory in overhauled condition in a dedicated on-site storage location. Genesis Aviation personnel manage the components for each customer, including immediate shipping to any location required, receipt and management of the core unit through overhaul, and return to stock for access by the customer. This program can reduce a customer’s inventory management responsibilities and ensure immediate access to their overhauled components, resulting not only in reduced costs, but in many cases, reduced inventory levels.



Repair and Hold

Our unique repair and hold program gives customers the ability to send in units for repair, and have Genesis repair and warehouse the units until the time they are needed. This program ensures minimum upfront costs, with immediate availability of units with current tags and warranty starting on the day the component leaves our facility.

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